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Please have a look at the frequently asked questions about our At Home services. If you still have questions, please call (704) 532-7090, email our team at, or fill out the form below.

How much do Aldersgate At Home services cost?

Our services are private pay. We do assist in filing for Long-Term Care insurance. The cost of services will vary depending on the time requested. If the caregiver or companion is driving their personal vehicle or company vehicle, a mileage charge will be incurred. Costs will vary depending on service requests, time and distance traveled.

What is the hiring process for Aldersgate At Home team members and nursing aides?

Aldersgate At Home team members are kind people who genuinely care about their clients’ health and wellbeing. The background check performed for new members is stringent. New team members must clear a background check, TB test and drug screening before their onboarding with Aldersgate At Home.

Aldersgate At Home team members receive annual training on caring for clients who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, infection prevention practices, and personal activities of daily living care. Because we also operate Asbury Health Services, a top-rated skilled nursing center and Cuthbertson Memory Care, our team members have access to a highly trained group of health professionals and the latest knowledge related to helping people with health concerns.

Can I change my service as I need it?

Yes, absolutely. Aldersgate At Home is personalized for your needs and you can update your car plans as your needs change over time. However, at least 72 hours’ notice is required before you change your plans.

For people who don’t live at Aldersgate but need services in their homes or at an assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing setting, there’s a four-hour visit minimum. For clients who live on our beautiful Aldersgate campus, service times can be as short as 15 minutes or up to 24 hours a day. A client coordinator will be in touch and can increase or decrease your services as needed.

How do I get started with At Home Services?

The last thing anyone wants is a new person in their home who doesn’t understand them. Our At Home onboarding process is extensive so we can satisfy your needs. We get to know our clients’ personal preferences – what they love and any pet peeves. Our client coordinator will visit with you via telephone, web meeting and a home visit to get started and discuss whether you’re interested in health services, personal assistance, or both!

If you’re interested in Aldersgate At Home services, the process usually looks like this:

  1. An Aldersgate at Home client coordinator will help you fill out intake forms. This can be completed with the client or their advocate, such as a family member or loved one. If assistance is needed to navigate long-term care insurance, we’ll help with that as well.
  2. A registered nurse determines our clients’ individual needs. Based on their needs and wishes, a custom care plan is written for the client’s or advocate’s approval.
  3. The Scheduling Coordinators will determine which At Home caregiver would be a good match for you/your loved one by considering personality, interest, care needs, schedule, etc.
  4. We put the plan into action. Our trained team of In-Home Nurse Aides will help clients maintain a maximum level of independence by providing everyday, quality care.
  5. At Home’s communications, don’t end with onboarding. We communicate regularly to ensure our clients are happy with our service, and if there’s an advocate involved such as a family member, we’ll regularly report how your loved one is doing.

To get started give us a call at (704) 532-7090 or use the form below and our client coordinator will be in touch!

What is home care?

Home care is supportive care provided in the home or wherever you need it, including assisting living, memory care or skilled nursing environments.

Care will be provided by licensed healthcare professionals who assess medical treatment needs. Following the medical assessment, professional Nurse Aides provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living are met.

Aldersgate At Home provides clients and their loved ones with peace of mind knowing that qualified staff are fulfilling needs and overseeing their plan of care every day. Our Registered Nurse provides one-on-one visits periodically with clients to ensure they have an individualized plan of care tailored to fit their personal needs. Our Nurse Aides follow the individualized care plan the Registered Nurse constructs to fulfill client’s needs in the comfort of their own home or other specified care setting.

What is home health?

Home health services may include therapies such as speech, occupational, or physical. It could also include nursing services such as medication administration, wound care, monitoring of health status, or pain management. Most individuals utilize home health services after a short-term rehabilitation stay in a skilled nursing facility. Home health is covered by Medicare and Insurance when it is prescribed by a Physician.

What is caregiver fatigue?

Yes, our staff is trained to aid clients in all levels of care including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing. Aldersgate At Home can serve you or your loved one outside of Aldersgate’s campus – in Mecklenburg county!

Caregiver fatigue, or caregiver burnout, occurs when the caregiver feels emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted, often leading to a change in attitude.

  • Symptoms of Caregiver Fatigue. When to ask for help?
  • Lack of patience/ buildup of frustration when providing care to your loved one
  • Stress that leads to mental and physical exhaustion
  • Lack of self-care – you’re not participating in leisurely activities you once enjoyed.
  • Missing doctors’ appointments
  • Social disengagement from family and friends

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